Hello Polka Dots

It has been a while since my last blog post. I missed working on my designs all this time. Finding time to do it all—-mom, wife, work, design, is never easy, but then again “if it is worth it then it would not be easy” (not sure who said this first).  So what have I been up to while away? Well, I was sick for a bit which is never fun. Recovered (well, still recovering) and thought it was time to get back into the grove of designing and burying my head deep in paper, glue, stamps and embossing. Yet again, life had other plans! A close friend of mine passed away and for a moment time stopped for me. It never gets easy dealing with losing someone, but time sure can heal our wounds. I am hanging tough!!!!

Dots-hello3.jpgI really wanted to celebrate with this blog my first heat embossing attempt. Silver dots on brilliant pink paper. Talk about brightening things up. If you are going to do pink, make it h-o-t pink!

To not take away from the shine of these silvery polka dots, (I really love the texture of them. A sort of painted look) a bit of white and grey did the trick with a few subtle accents. I really like the shimmery black letters—-‘hello’!

Dots-hello 1.jpgThis was pretty much my way of saying hello again after being away from you all. Hello to my new followers, and saying hello with shimmering silver polka dots definitely says it all.

To celebrate all the love and support I have received this far, be sure to be a part of my first ever giveway. Winner gets a free customized set of 10 mini note cards (as seen in our last post).  Ends Tuesday Aug. 30 at 10pm. (CLOSED)

Each person must:

  1. Leave a comment on any of the blog posts
  2. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram
  3. Tag a friend to any Fb or IM post (tag as many friends as you wish)
  4. Winner will be picked at random once you have completed all the step


Mini notes giveaway

All the best! everyone!!!

Azetta xoxo

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