Hand Lettering on Tiles: paper.design.handmade.inspire

“At Azetta Design Studio we love all things stationery”. Just put me in a paper or stationery aisle and watch me be a kid on Christmas morning. The excitement is so real!


One of my other loves in life is designing. This stretches far across to many design aspects, be it interior, graphics, product, architecture, invitations, events, and the list goes on. So, this week I wanted to share with you my new experience in hand lettering. Most hand lettering is done on paper, but I found that doing this on other mediums could be just as fun. Ceramics with glossy surfaces yields beautiful results, therefore, I will absolutely be featuring more of this type of design in the near future. You may call it a new-found obsession of mine.


To get my feet wet, this time I decided to start with ceramic tiles.  The ones I chose were both glossy and fun to work with being manageable in size (3″x 6″ & 4″x 4″ tiles). The hand lettering tools of choice were a  white Sharpie and silver/ gold embossing (heat).


It is absolutely possible to order handmade or customized pieces like these ones for your very own wedding place cards, table numbers, take away gift tags and much larger tile pieces for decor additions or the functionality of a hot-pot holder. I love to make customized designs and products that become a part of the lives of others as reminders of  fun times, heart warming moments and a show of strength.


If nothing else, I love that these hand-lettered pieces can inspire you by use of quotes and powerful words to keep you going each day. “Keep moving”, Life is a journey”, “Happy home”, “Two peas in a pod”….. all hand-lettered to bring inspiration to your day. To find out how to create your own or more about the materials I used, please leave a comment below. We would be happy to hear from you via email as well at azettadesign@gmail.com






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