The First ‘Giveaway’!

Yay! We all love to receive lovely gifts (especially unexpected ones). And so much has been happening at our studio to keep us busy in between blog posts. Including my first ever ‘giveaway’ since starting all things design (on my own terms).


To start, I had posted a chance to win 10 of the coolest mini note cards- first made these a few blog posts ago called “just a mini note” (see link:

Announcing the winner was so exciting. I was just bursting to share these cards with someone else who would in turn use them to make a few other people’s day a whole lot brighter.


The winner got a chance to completely customize the front of the cards with sayings/ phrases and colors of choice.  We had so much fun messaging back and forth to make adjustments and to talk about how excited we both were.


The cards turned out amazing. However, I wanted to package and present them in a way that would add a special touch. (All about the details!) To do this, I placed them in a Kraft paper gift box that I also handmade. It had a lovely yet subtle pattern inside and I loved the rounded flaps. Then, topped it all off with a purple bow and handmade gift tag.


It felt great to give!!! I would definitely do more giveaways again in the future. So, stay connected to my Instagram,Twitter and Facebook- you may be in line to win the very next giveaway.


Wishing you a wonderful week! Tell a friend about us and be sure to follow us on social media. Leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.





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