Cherry Blossom Birthday Card

The past couple of weeks have been filled with many new beginnings which I must admit has been refreshing. It is fall season, I know, but strange enough and despite the colorful display of the trees and falling leaves, there are many things around me in full bloom. Business is growing so fast  I am still trying to wrap my head around it all. One my good friends gave birth to a baby boy (can’t wait to meet him). I got my first sale in my Etsy shop. Overall, it just feels more like spring time in fall.

I think that this card celebrates this ‘spring in fall’ feeling filled with lovely, Cherry Blossoms! It was actually made to celebrate a very special new beginning. My beautiful niece (feels more like my daughter) turning 13, and I wanted to surprise her with  a gift ‘basket’ filled with some of the things she likes. Just like her dear aunt (yours truly) she loves all things stationery,and super thrilled I wasted no time going out to shop for her. She lives in the Caribbean (St.Vincent) where I grew up, so you can only imagine how excited I felt to be able to do something for her even though I am miles away.

Sending off her birthday package would not have been complete without a beautiful card that shows how special she is to me. To create a birthday card or to design any of the things I usually do always feels natural, but I felt like this card had to be perfect! This meant a lot of second guessing myself and feeling like nothing I thought of felt right or good enough.


In looking for inspiration, cherry blossoms ‘spoke to me’. The more I looked at pictures of them, the better the card ideas felt. With my mind finally settled, I played with the layout until that too felt right. Hints of blue, pink, brown with grey and white was the start of this beautiful card.

The flowery background was placed against a soft grey and light yet vibrant blue lettering was added. I created a window to help the letters to stand out against a white background. And embellishing the card was kept to a minimum with only a larger flower that was used to add some shimmer (a bit of sparkle for the new teen). The letters “happy birthday” were also given some gloss or sheen to create some definition and depth. And who doesn’t like running their fingers over each part of a card that seems to have some texture to it?


This card is definitely one of my favorites as it holds sentimental value to me. I love the overall look and feel of it. I had the pleasure of seeing the video my niece opening up her package and reading the card for the first time. I melted! As a designer and crafter, I do not often get to see the smiles or joy that comes from opening up something that I had a part in creating.


Now, I look forward to the upcoming weeks with the hope of many more new and pleasant beginnings. To me this represents growth, life and hope because to get through all the gloom in life we need those days filled with cherry blossoms!

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