Gift Boxes, Gift Tags- New on Etsy

Let’s talk about me finally working up the courage to start an online shop. It is never easy putting one’s self and  products out there for the world to see. The biggest fear that exists is being judged. That people may not like what an artist or designer has to offer. I may never be totally rid of the small voice on my shoulder constantly telling me to wait or to be afraid of what my work says about me, but I can take control of whether or not I listen and give in.

So, with that said, yes! My Etsy shop is up and running. Today I want to feature a couple of the items that are available, and what I hope to add very soon. It has taken a lot of research  and quite frankly a lot of guts to open this online shop. And although it has been just about a month, I have learned quite a lot about setting up sales, products, policies shipping and payment through the website. Maybe when I do have a handle on all the settings and workings of it, then I can do a step by step description of starting up a shop and also talk about my findings.


Two of my favourite items in the shop that have been getting great reviews even away from Etsy are my new craft paper gift boxes and gift tags.


I like that they can be used to wrap gifts and also as great party decor. Of course they are all handmade right down to cutting them from the templates. (Maybe later I can invest on one of those cutting machines), but for now my hands were made for cutting.  :p

Also, looking back to when these designs were also featured in one of my previous posts The First ‘Giveaway’ where I gifted a set of 10 mini note cards to our ‘giveaway’ winner in one of these lovely craft paper boxes.



One of the things I love about the shop on Etsy is that I can maintain my love for providing custom work. This means that everything I sell comes with the option to customize the color, size, quantity and the details. These gift boxes and tags can be offered in the same way, and this can all be arranged through direct messaging between myself and the buyer.


Now that these craft paper beauties are available in my new Etsy shop, do stop by and also have a look at what else we have to offer. The holidays are fast approaching, so also keep an eye out for more items to be added to the shop and for the sales and discounts we will be announcing.

Happy November!

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