Butterflies Birthday Card

Today, I want to dive right into the story behind this special birthday card. One of the best things about owning a paper craft and design business is that I get to come up with super cool and creative designs to celebrate my family and friends. I try to match their personality to whatever I make for them.


A very special friend of mine celebrated her birthday recently, and unfortunately I had to miss her party. Everything was all planned out in my head about how I would present her with her gift. Instead, both of us agreed to defer to a simpler evening of just-us girl time (which is always the best time for us) where we chatted for hours about anything and everything. As two busy moms, life gets in the way sometimes of us connecting as we would like to. But, the time between us not seeing each other disappears when we do meet. (Do you have a friend like that? You just  pretty much pick up from where you paused after a long time of not seeing each other)


To match her love for monarch butterflies and gem stones this card is meant to be a sanctuary of bright blue butterflies resting on a lively green wreath. The words “happy birthday” is done in a hand-lettered font and glazed in glossy accent to add some shine and an embossed feel.

My friend, Rae loves glitter! 🙂 And why not fuel her love even further? The ‘butterfly wreath‘, cut out from white cardstock, is resting on vellum that has heat embossed shimmering, silver butterflies. Using vellum provides a subtle but sheer look against the grey card stock underneath with stamps of more butterflies. Inside the card was also decorated, but for obvious reasons of privacy I did not add an image to this post for you to see.




To top it all off, the card was placed in a lime green matching envelope, and I used a handmade kraft paper gift box (see previous post on these kraft boxes) to place two blue semi-precious stones or agate inside. As I am sure you can all imagine, her smile was priceless! Mission accomplished!



If you have been following my blog, you would know that I live for giving or gifting to others. It is not to receive in return. In fact, I am terrible at receiving gifts (as terrible as that sounds, it is the truth) and prefer to create, document and enjoy,  the shining moment of others. Pocketing pleasant and joyful memories is the best part of life. It is what we will forever leave with others.

Happy birthday yet again to you, Rae! (hope I made you smile)


Have the best week ever, everyone!  

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