To Design or not to…? Lived, loved, laughed!

Hello there and Happy 2017! I have been away from my design studio over the past weeks, but I absolutely missed my work.

Truth be told, I felt like the two extremes in my life were pulling at me from either side. Do I spend more time working or with the ones I love more than anything else in the world?So, I made the decision to take a bit of an unplanned ‘staycation’ to spend some much needed time with my family (mainly hubby and son),  and to catch up on some long overdue ‘us-time’. It sound crazy, right? But, I ditched all of the plans I had  for grand holiday cards and paper crafts that I would send out to loved ones and to place in my etsy shop. Instead, I chose a quiet holiday season filled with my family’s smiles, laughter and love— priceless!


Now we are at the time of the year when the Christmas decorations taken down, and we reflect on the old year that passed. Some of us even make New Year’s resolutions to which we attend to diligently for the next few months (if we stay dedicated).

I tend to not stick with most traditions, and so my decorations stay up for an extra couple weeks. As for ‘resolutions’, I don’t believe in making them. It just seems more important to me make my life changing plans as is needed throughout the year instead  of making a list of them at the start of the new year, then not following through. This leaves room for me to be more flexible and adjust to the unexpected.



So for Azetta Design Studio, I hope that everyone will join us this year on our journey to more designing, paper-crafting, personalizing/handmade and inspiring creations. There will be quite a few updates to look forward to, and as always we will keep you posted.

Most important, we wish to thank everyone for their continued support and well wishes in the past year. Each one of you well wishes has warmed our hearts and keep us going forward. Cheers to living a life filled with love and laughter!

Have the best week ever, everyone!  

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