Celebrating a January Christmas!!

If I have never said this before, then it must be said that Christmas is my favourite time of the year! Like most, I love the swelling of hearts with gifts and merry times. The playing of traditional Christmas songs, yummy treats & food (particularly Caribbean cuisine), time spent with family and decorations. Truth be told, I could sit and stare at my brightly lit tree with a tall glass of sorrel beer for hours while humming along to my favourite carols.

Just like most people I know, this time of the year is celebrated in December. And although my traditional celebrations may have ended with the start of the new year, I had the treat of helping to make Christmas a lot brighter  for some folks in this very month of January with some great handmade cards.


Why January? Well, in many parts of the world, Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on or close to January 7th. This is because they use a different calendar that carries a difference of about 15 days. Hence Christmas in January!

This for me means more Christmas days to celebrate! ( I love it!) But, I am of course getting ahead of myself here (the excitement—). So, let’s talk  about the Christmas cards that I had the honour of custom creating.


By request, I had the task of incorporating Ukrainian Christmas traditions, which of course sent me on quest for knowledge of all things vital to traditional celebrations. And, I must say that from this entire experience, I came away with an appreciation for the differences and similarities to my own celebrations in December.


For each card the wishes of ‘Merry Christmas!’ is written in Ukraine lettering. I also used colors that complemented the traditional symbols used like red poppies, stalks of oats or wheat, angels, shining star and ornaments. To complement these rustic designs, some glitter was use to highlight the symbols that I chose. And in keeping with Ukrainians’ love for ribbons, I used complementing colors and patterns on each card to tie it all together perfectly.


At the heart of all Christmas celebrations are our families and the bond we share be it in December, January or any other time of the year.


Hope everyone is off to an amazing start for the new year. Stay motivated!  

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