For the Gift of Love & Design

This past weekend, like so many others, I had planned to spend it glued to my design studio. Instead, I took the time to do some early spring cleaning (…still ongoing) and to reflect on the week before that was meant to be one filled with gestures of love and giving of Valentines gifts.

I am sure that everyone would say that the month they were born in is the best month ever. Well for me, although one of the most wintry months, it is my special month. I celebrate my birthday in this month (yep, getting old!) and also my sister’s along with looking forward to being a part the festivities on “love day”.

This was also the absolutely, perfect time to create a few new items that were in celebration of nothing but love and the sharing of kindness. First, I was inspired to create a few gift tags that are simple and playful as well as added touches of elegance with gold foiling and embossing.

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To match, I created two greeting cards that had similar features. They were infused with white, grey, red, pink and gold for colors,  and came to life with touches of silver and gold embossing, vellum and texture. Cut from paper, the lettering were the same as the gift tags, but just at a larger scale. I like the simple nature of the cards as they are suitable for expressing love any time of the year, not just Valentine’s day.

Gifting these cards along with some of the matching gift tags was  also  a much added bonus to designing them. I hosted this give away as part of my continuous journey for sharing some love and kindness to others through the use of design and paper crafting. Congrats to Tina May (giveaway winner) who I am sure shared the ‘love gifts’ with friends/family!   🙂20170204_21190220170204_21193520170204_211820


As an added bonus, I also had the privilege of creating the cutest baby onesies graphic prints. At the request of my client, these were to make the perfect gifts for a couple of little girls to celebrate love. We often think of this special day as just for our partners or spouses, but it was the best idea of celebrating a day of love with family and friends as well. So, these were plain white onesies that I used to add lots of hearts and a choice of grey and black complementary lettering. I thoroughly enjoyed creating these and hope to do a lot more in future.

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I will be placing all of these in my shop soon. Wishing everyone a great next couple of weeks for what is left of February. “Love is all we need!”

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