K.Spade Inspired Card Designs

Hello! Hello! This week, I have quite a lot of card designs to share with you. All of the designs are reminiscent of and inspired by Kate Spade’s  fashionable and feminine appeal. To kick things off, I also wish to take time out to say a special thank you to everyone that has been a true source of motivation, support and inspiration on my path to continued success in design and entrepreneurship. It is has been an adventure (to say the least) filled with tremendous rewards.

As always, I like to give a bit of a background to each card. This one took me ‘down memory’ lane as I recently reconnected with a good friend of mine,  Ms. Nneka Elliot whom I have known since ‘school days’ back in our home island of St. Vincent. Today, she is on her very own journey to “screen queen-dom” (coining my own vocab, yep!) and is showing women from different backgrounds and cultures, by example, what it means to follow your dreams in a big way. “We have to dream big, scary dreams…”, she recently told me.


As a way to show my love and support, I had created and mailed out a card to Nneka (sending happy mail to bring cheer). One of the things I love about what I do, and I have mentioned this before, is that I get to gift kindness through design to others.

To create this card, I wanted to reflect her femininity, glamour and simple ‘down to earth-ness’ (yea, another word of my own). There are pink horizontal stripes of varying thickness, layered over white card stock. A silver, glitter outlined gift tag with hand-lettered sentiment that is embossed on vellum works great to complete the front of this card and makes it a unique fit to encourage a friend.



The next card I created, again carries the Kate Spade theme and is also reflective of femininity and is simplistic in its design elements. The main colors are coral pink with gold polka dots. Then layered over-top with a band of vellum to highlight a fashionable sentiment lettered in gold. This card was made for a client as a custom request for a bride to be. Just like the first card, I really enjoyed the adding little hints of glamour with jeweled accents and metallic colors to liven things up a bit.




A change from the pinks before, this new card was also created for another bride to be with the use of blue as the feature color at the request of my client. I must admit that this design does not have as much sparkle or glamour, but still remains quite fashionable. Grey is layered over blue card stock and is embossed with dots to give texture and interest. The main feature of this card is the written sentiment done with silver hand-lettering and the silhouette of a woman in a knee-length blue dress that is hand colored. To embellish, I added a few jeweled beads and topped it all off with a blue ribbon and bow.


20170216_084514The last (but not least) featured card in this series of odes to Kate Spade design feature was also another request by a client for a bride to be (so many weddings in the making). This one stays true to the black and gold stripes that most people associate with Spade designs. Quite a statement of glamour and sophistication is made through simple touches of pinks, gold and floral embellishments. I really enjoyed making this card as it reflects something chic yet simple, classic yet trendy and stylish yet playful.




As an added bonus and to celebrate this round of cards, I went ahead and got my nails done by Joanne Peters. She is one of my very best friends and has rekindled her own creative spirit through aesthetician and spa (this also gives me an excuse to always have pretty nails with added girl talk time…score!)  Another woman I know that is super talented and keeps me going as a source of constant support.



I usually feature just one card, but with so many new designs, I was just bursting to share them all with you. Please let me know which was your favourite. It would be fitting to end by saying  for all of this week and always remember to “be happy. be bright. be you” (Kate Spade).





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