Mr & Mrs Wedding Card

Hi there! This week, I want to keep things quite brief. I have been getting a lot of orders and struggling to keep up. I have also been trying to stay motivated to get it all done and meet my deadlines. For those of you that run your own business, you also know that apart from the creative aspects that there are loads of business/ admin. type stuff to be done. And, it is all a balancing act to say the least (then add house work, spouse and mom duties to the mix and, only 24hrs to get it all done), but who is complaining? We do what we do because we love what we do! (Haha! I must remember to coin this and make a sign on my desk later!)

So, here it is, [drum roll!] I present my new card design. One that is fast becoming my favorite for its glitz and glam.


The story is that I created this card for a lovely client of mine to express congratulations on a close friend’s wedding day. You may remember from my last post – k.spade inspired card designs- a coral pink and gold dots card that was also made for this bride to be.


I felt inspired to do a laser cut with a foiled gold look. My challenges included using the right thickness of paper to do the intricate cuts of the overlaying pattern. I also noticed that when  the gold was added, some of the black from the paper also peeked through the foil, but I kept the card that way because there seemed to be a unique look to the mix of black and gold with the cut pattern.


Then, plain white card stock was placed behind the gold pattern for a clean finish. What makes this card so great is that the laser cut pattern and underlying colors can be changed to create different looks (stay posted to my social media as I will reveal these looks soon). I also love the bold lettering of the ‘Mr & Mrs’  added to the edge as a cut away. It still also shows on the inside of the card when it is opened. The added white ribbon ties it all together and completes this chic card.



Be sure to keep an eye out in my online shop as I will be adding this card that can be customized to different phrases, colors and even into a wedding invitation.

Please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you. Have the best week ever as we say goodbye to the month of April and welcome the start of May and all that spring has to offer.




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