The Nneka Show- Set Design, Season 1

Azetta Design Studio is all about the love of design. This has always been my passion and what drives me to be an entrepreneur. I challenge everyone to find the thing that you are most passionate about and own it! Make it your life’s mission, so that you can fulfill your true purpose. A part of this journey has led me to fully realize that I cannot let fear make me hide from my talents and abilities. So, when I first got the call from Nneka Elliott (my long time school mate and a former CP24 news anchor) to do the set for her new Caribbean lifestyle talk show, I must admit that I was filled with fear. I had never done anything design wise in the realm of film let alone set design. My stationery business was just starting to take off. How was I to make this work? Would Nneka love what I had to offer?

Of course, I could not let my fears surface. So, I boldly (yet secretly terrified) agreed to work on the set up of the show with her. Why? Because she was also doing this for the first time. Her fears may have been ginormous! And, mostly because of something that she said to me, that we must dream big and scary dreams..! So, I took the plunge with her, into the deep with my eyes wide open, hoping that we would be successful because we as two savvy island girl have what it takes to make it work.



The results were more that I could have imagined. We set out to H&M Home to gather all that we needed, thanks to Nneka’s awesome connection with them. It was such a fun experience. On set up day, just like magic it all came together. I could not have been more proud of myself and my friend for doing something so big that all started from a dream and the passion for what we both love in life.


I spent the day changing out the sets as there were two that were needed for the different segments. I got to work with the amazing Victoria Long of Hera Creative who was our Director and her team. They gave great directions for framing each shot of the set so that we had the best on-screen views.



Nneka’s vision for the set included her signature colors of pink, orange and touches of gold. To give some contrast, teal was added to the palette which created some interest as well. Overall, I loved how it all came together with the plants that we added and the natural wood of some of the furniture to give a hint of the Caribbean roots that surrounds the show.


And of course, when Nneka, invited me back to do the set for Season 2, well you know I was absolutely excited and more ready than ever to put my design talents to work.

Be sure to catch up on Season 1 of the show on Nneka’s Youtube channel. And stay connected for my behind the scenes look at set design for Season 2, as the new episodes are already set to launch this week.


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