Hi! I’m Azetta.

Hello! I’m Azetta Young, owner and creative director, of Azetta Design Studio. A boutique stationery design studio specializing in custom designs   for black brides to support your wedding planning experience and enhance your wedding day.

Having been a blushing bride myself I know the stress a wedding can bring as you plan your special day despite your busy schedule and  feeling culturally insecure. The best news is that you are in the right place because providing an instant sense of ease and comfort is my super power!

Working with my hands and finding new,  innovative ways to mix my 5 years of
interior and graphic design experience with paper crafting skills is my true passion. I come from a generation of builders & architects, so planning, designing and creating are in my blood. Also, my strong Caribbean background from growing up in the island of St.Vincent & the Grenadines, full of so much history and beauty, I am able to bring a unique flare to my clients.

Although creating the best stationery solutions for my clients has led me to start Azetta Design Studio, my deep rooted mission is to celebrate all the beautiful black
brides, and fellow women of colour who feel abated or undervalued in an industry that
only showcases marketing material such as wedding magazine covers that do not look like me. When I see this, it screams, “I don’t matter, what I want doesn’t matter and my money doesn’t matter.” It breaks my heart. I am here to tell you, I see you lady and you matter.

Who am I? A ‘pretty’ paper aficionado, fine pen collecting, envelope gathering, ribbon
loving, bold, laugh-out- loud, culturally inspired, island loving, coily-haired, sister, wife,
and mother.

And, when I am not sniffing out the best stationery supplies in town or crafting my next
big idea, you can find me spending time with my hubby along with our 4 yr old son,
exploring new outdoor trails near Toronto.

Azetta Young info

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