Hi! I’m Azetta.

Empowered women, empower women.

Hello! I’m Azetta Young, owner and creative director, of Azetta Design Studio. Aside from earning a Bachelor’s of Interior Design degree in Toronto (a life long dream), I have always wanted to work with my hands and find ways to mix design with hand crafting.

This led me to start my studio, but I still needed to find my own voice. And, many questions remained – Am I on the right path? Am I good enough as ‘boss babe’? Why am I doing any of this? Can I truly make a difference in all this world of noise?  So, with my usual determination, I started answering these revolving questions— hell yea, I am good enough and can do great thingsmy ‘Why‘ or reason for doing any of this can make the biggest difference to many other women of colour in this worldTo inspire black beautiful brides, and fellow women of colour who feel abated or undervalued in an industry that is full of wedding magazine covers that “do not look like me”— a melanin queen.

Designing stationery is what I am most passionate about. Like so many other paper crafters and hand-letterers, I am a ‘pretty’ paper, fine-liner, marker, clear stamp, ribbon lover. But added to that, I am a sister, a wife,  a mom and a woman— a bold, laugh out loud, full of grace, coily haired, brilliant and beautiful black woman! I am also proud of my strong Caribbean background coming from the island of St.Vincent & the Grenadines. A place that I look to for inspiration in its rich history and beauty.

 I hope to inspire you through my creative and stylistic efforts as one of a small handful of creative women of colour in the wedding industry. I believe that there is a lot of room for brides of colour to represent and be represented.

Over the past 5 years in the world of stationery design, I have perfected the valuable skills of organization, attention to details, and innovative graphic layouts. Creating the perfect stationery solutions for my clients is what fuels my passion even more. I am super excited about the love stories that we will share and the chance to be a part of something so beautiful, a sisterhood of black, beautiful, women of culture and style.

I am persistent in my dedication to the design world and all the great experiences it has to offer. My friends and clients would most likely describe me as a hardworking, dedicated and a positive individual. My interests include writing, sketching, crafting and spending time with my hubby and best friend, Jay along with our 4 yr old son who is such a reflection of us. We also enjoy exploring our home city, Toronto.

Azetta Young info

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