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The Nneka Show- Set Design, Season 1

Azetta Design Studio is all about the love of design. This has always been my passion and what drives me to be an entrepreneur. I challenge everyone to find the thing that you are most passionate about and own it! Make it your life’s mission, so that you can fulfill your true purpose. A part… Continue reading The Nneka Show- Set Design, Season 1


To Design or not to…? Lived, loved, laughed!

Hello there and Happy 2017! I have been away from my design studio over the past weeks, but I absolutely missed my work. Truth be told, I felt like the two extremes in my life were pulling at me from either side. Do I spend more time working or with the ones I love more… Continue reading To Design or not to…? Lived, loved, laughed!

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Butterflies Birthday Card

Today, I want to dive right into the story behind this special birthday card. One of the best things about owning a paper craft and design business is that I get to come up with super cool and creative designs to celebrate my family and friends. I try to match their personality to whatever I make for… Continue reading Butterflies Birthday Card


Hand Lettering on Tiles:

“At Azetta Design Studio we love all things stationery”. Just put me in a paper or stationery aisle and watch me be a kid on Christmas morning. The excitement is so real! One of my other loves in life is designing. This stretches far across to many design aspects, be it interior, graphics, product, architecture,… Continue reading Hand Lettering on Tiles: